Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 AM Philosophy

So when you wake at 2 AM after your girlfriend gives you a sleep kiss on your forehead, what do you do? When she promptly slides back into full sleep after mumbling something about her backside "flapping in the wind"?

So what to do? Because I am awake at 2 AM and that just happened; a soft kiss that woke me.

I, in bed awake smiling, consider happenings, consider the moment, consider occurrence.

How many events that happen to us, actually occur to us? Occur in the sense of understanding beyond surface awareness of mere facts? How often do we consider the implications of our daily lives and more, does that matter, the analyzing process? Perhaps we change despite clear understanding and perhaps the change is easier.

Or we stagnate.

It becomes a question of living, engaged in life, being. The alternative is to allow life to happen, without introspection or investment. Or maybe 2 AM isn't the time to be philosophical about anything more than the shape and feel of a beautiful woman's backside.

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