Friday, November 19, 2010

Book I

I have decided on a working title for the first book and have sketched out a rough structure for chapters. Preliminary research has erected new obstacles consisting of 'Things I Did Not Consider Because I Am Novice Know-Nothing Who Perhaps Should Have Done Preliminary Research Earlier'.

Firstly, the title: Yes, Dear: DIY Guidance for Husbands,Wives and Lovers.

Secondly, the obstacles in the form of questions:

What is my target word count for a DIY book? The interweb causes me some intestinal distress concerning this question. Too many 'experts' like the advice that word count should amount to 'as many words as it takes'. This is silly advice from folks too lazy to do any preliminary research of their own (so the rest of us can sleep in and benefit from their industrious, nose-to-the-grindstone dedication ). Ultimately, I found a site that inspired confidence that they knew their business. And as I was ready to check on my fantasy football team I was rather open to anything.

The answer was what I suspected: 70 to 80,000 words. However, the dear folks at freelance writing gigs provided me with helpful tips that went beyond word count. Pictures matter and factor into word count. My book will feature pictures, so, less actual words; (I hope to have cute animals, maybe installing outlets or designing walkways).

Another question that arose was, 'should I consider a proposal before writing the book?' This question speaks to my publishing aspirations, of which, honestly, I have thought very little about. The advice, sound advice too, suggests that unless an author is self-publishing, writing before hand could lead to rejections or massive re-writes. Both of which means more work. That would alter my projections for completion. I would like a rough draft by the first of the new year.

I am optimistic today. I think my book quest is well on the way to getting situated in the direction of the right way with just a few strategic detours, sleepless nights, accusations, psychotic breaks and wistful dreams of being a ballerina. Very optimistic.

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