Monday, November 22, 2010

Links by Linc the Sink

Barbara Bush says to Sarah Palin, stay in Alaska. Mama Grizzly? Grandma Grizzly says no, no, no.

Prison Break season 1 was a great show. What happened?

I need to find a place to sell writing online; not for $0.01 word, though. I had thought to work on a site like Textbroker, but even being new to freelancing, I have to agree with other freelancers who say giving away writing is bad for everyone. The money is an issue, but more than money is the attitude of the clients. They want top-notch writing for pennies without knowledge of what is top-notch writing. Uneducated and unskilled and willing to take advantage people who just want experience and who think pennies are all that are available.

The catalyst for my new attitude on freelance writing is an article that I found on Yahoo that gives occupations for those who don't like to work with people. It says writers can make over fifty large. I could deal with a salary upgrade

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