Friday, November 5, 2010

Maine Writer

Is it possible to be a global citizen while living exclusively local?

I struggle with this question, especially as I attempt to seek outlets for my own writing; in this blog; the freelance writing career I have decided to pursue; the books of fiction and non-fiction this blog is designed to chronicle. I find myself, a person I thought connected to the global community, confronted by the fact that the choices I make on writing, center almost entirely on topics of Maine. I am a Maine writer.

Write what you know. I understand the premise, agree with it, and generally accept that good writing springs from awareness born of experience. However, my interests are not limited by locality, and yet primary, firsthand experience, trumps global interests.

Being a Maine writer isn’t shameful. It does seem limiting, mostly now in a world of social media and a global society that has supposedly shrunk human boundaries. And having a local mindset is limiting for freelance writing. Is a Maine writer a viable, reasonable, or even desirable commodity?

Or perhaps the real question I have is, “Can a local mindset be transformed into a global mindset without benefit of physically moving beyond the local into the global community?”

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