Monday, November 8, 2010

New Project

Twenty-five feet away, through my office window, is an ugly double wide trailer painted the color of "what the eff were they thinking" gray, the rain continues, my new diet is efficiently minimizing my gravitational impact and yet I feel inspired. There is inspiration aplenty. I am brimming. I have sloughed away the distraction, cleared the mind, found enlightenment.

This new state of being, can it be the result of copious quantities of celery sticks?

A question for theologians. Philosophers. Smarter folks than myself or just those more dedicated to truth, or those who thirst for knowledge. Not lazy bloggers who might be hallucinating while sitting at their desk at work when they should be productive doing work-stuff and while staring at a wall that no insult would do justice to describe how terrible it is and how depressing a sight especially in Maine where almost everywhere there are quaint villagers and lobster boats outside windows for people to smile at and be inspired by and take pictures of and there aren't even any random moose to ooh and aah over.

And the first book of my Fifty Book Quest will be in the House & Home category. I will call it "Something Clever Which Will Gain Adoring Fans and Make Me a Millionaire." Or maybe something shorter.

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