Thursday, November 25, 2010

News and Notes

The news of my marriage was the source of interesting conversations, many of which were repetitive, but none were as interesting as when I told my nieces who are 8, 5 and 3. Caitlyn, the five-year-old, grinned at me and tilted her head to the side as if I was joking. Such is the price of not being socially active in the dating scene, at least in the eyes of little girls. Then came the question and statement period.

Caitlyn announced that she was happy to get another uncle. I informed her that in fact, I was marrying a woman and so she would be getting an aunt. After consideration, Caitlyn was okay with an aunt. Then baby talk. Literal talk of babies, an odd discourse when it involves a three and five year old. No I told Delaney, the three-year-old, there is no baby. Tomorrow? No. Are you getting married tonight? No. Then you’re going to get babies? Not soon. Christmas is tonight! No, it’s next month, sweetie. I’m not going to marry you. You have to marry a big person, like you. Yes, I know that Delaney. Did you know her? Yes, Caitlyn, I knew Shayna before I asked her to marry me.

Mikayla, the oldest, just smiled at her sisters and was happy to hear she was getting another aunt.
Delaney became concerned later, considering the situation and trying to decide whether marriage was a good idea after all. There was a question of whether I would be taken from the family with impending marriage. I assured her that instead of losing me, she would be adding to the family; there would be more family for her to love. The scowl and grumpy grunt that expressed doubt clearer than the actual word told me that adjustment was needed.

The nicest response was Caitlyn, who drew a picture of Shayna and I. She smiled when she handed the picture over, still thinking that I was pulling a fast one. But if there was the possibility of babies and/ or an uncle/ aunt, then she was willing to play along.

And with such events, a writer makes.

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