Monday, November 15, 2010

Pot Shots

It is the time of year here in Maine when gunshots are more normal than usual. Eating an afternoon salad on the front steps surrounded by forest, there go the rapid pops of hunters shooting to shoot. No deer, just frustration, boredom, pure stupidity in terms of safety. No good hunter badges this day.

Despite the ridiculous frequency of the shots, I felt no concern (except of course the concern I had in munching on salad on a perfectly fine day designed for late season barbecues). With yahoos helping out the economy by giving Mother Nature the business, I was perhaps in danger of catching an errant bullet and still no concern.

I imagine there are other places in the world where gunfire is equally as common, where people go about their business with as little concern as I felt sitting on my front steps. For those people, the reason for gunfire isn’t seasonal sport hunters, but soldiers and their lack of concern comes from a completely different place.

How connected we all are, and really, how far apart.

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