Sunday, December 5, 2010


Precedence. And I suppose prioritizing, in terms of time management. I had been ambitious, I see that in hindsight. As I planned a freelancing endeavor not knowing what freelancing even meant, I was planning how to propose, and was equally ignorant of the scope such a decision encompassed. In short, initial planning for next summer’s nuptials took over my mind and thus my time.

I had no set writing schedule to hold onto and no idea what giving a ring meant in terms of scheduling. There are so many things involved in making a wedding a success. Venues have ruled my world.

But in writing, there are always silver linings. The writer who sits in isolation or remains in a static lifestyle, has little to offer in their writing. I believe that, even as I recognize that I am using this particular philosophy as an excuse. Too many excuses are inexcusable, but I will allow myself this one excuse. I plan to get married once and I think that I will get better at setting priorities as I find my way in the freelance world.

I continue to grow and though the candle I carry is weak and throws little illumination, I have hopes of something brighter. Especially with a great family to support me and a wonderful woman who, lucky for me, said ‘yes’ when I fumbled a ring from my pocket.

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