Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A very small dog and a plain pillow...

Have you ever seen a very small dog hump a pillow? Ok, I admit I wrote that for the pure
shock value. I mean, I saw it happen, but I surely could have eased into the revelation if
it were not for the fact that I was attempting to "grab the reader's attention". So, anyway.
Perhaps you are more worldly than I was once upon a time and shock has missed the mark and
you are ready for the rest, or for those who were shocked, you have now had sufficient time
to recover.

Let me, then, ask you this: have you ever seen a very small dog hump a pillow on the back of
a couch on which your former high school principal sat? I suspect that this is a far rarer 
experience only a select few can claim. Lucky to those of us who have experienced such a
situation, right? The uncomfortable sight at least provides for a comical story.

It took me weeks to write of this. The image of that cute little dog, who apparently was in
love  with a rather plain pillow, crept in my head and exploded like something nuclear. It
was one of those events that are difficult to describe. There was laughing. Yes. There was
also an uncomfortable tension, at least in my perception. Once laughing was done, how does
one comment? It was the first visit for me to my former principal's home and though I am far
past my teen years, the man is still not someone I call by his first name. It would seem
odder than watching his dog giving a pillow the love-thump.

Laughter and tension, then some ice cream (really, what else could we do except eat ice
cream?) and then sporadic chuckles and it was time to go. Any conversation would be tainted,
wouldn't it, after seeing a very small dog hump a plain pillow?

I realize this is no story, that I revealed nothing, that the ending is flat and
unsatisfying. There is nothing I can do about improving the matter because as I write, all I
can think of is what the very small dog did to the cat under the kitchen table earlier in
the night. For that, I have no words, shocking or otherwise...

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Shayna said...

That's terrible! But really, what does one say? Or do? Except eat ice cream and have another glass of champagne?