Thursday, January 27, 2011


Traction. A condition best understood in these wintry months. The house in which I live now is on a ridge and to reach the house, one must negotiate a short, but steep hill via a private road that is unpaved. I have a truck with 4wd. No problems most of the time unless I choose to tackle the hill unprepared without my 4wd engaged. When this happens, it reminds me that without momentum and traction, there is no movement and no way to negotiate to the top of the hill.

This rather bloated and obvious metaphor is applicable to my quest; I have the ability to achieve my goals, insofar as I possess the basic skills, the writing equivalent of 4wd, but if I allow myself to stop or forfeit my momentum, there is no traction and I backslide. I have to start again. Again and again, I start from the bottom. Unfortunately, unlike my truck, There is no easily identified mechanism to engage at will. My writing transmission has a tendency to slip.

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