Friday, January 21, 2011

Under Duress: Because I was told to write... or else.

I suck.

I have not written or otherwise updated this blog for many days and those many days have since had babies who have grown up into lazy adult days and are currently living far away from the parent days who call but usually only get voicemail and the lazy adult days just pretend that their cell phones are too complicated to use and so they can't use the voicemail function and never return calls to the frustrated parent days. It is a mess.

And I suck.

I have begun writing for Yahoo, but that does not mitigate matters or in any way release me from my duties on fiftybookquest. I have been corrected, admonished and am currently in recovery. I hope to progress through the steps and emerge a better, more responsible person at the end, a person who will never fall back into slackerish an non-productive ways that might annoy the beautiful fiancee who is watching from the couch, making certain that a blog post is written. Now. No delay.

It is done, however, under duress.

More later. I may have to give a foot massage to further redeem myself and make up for the fact, as mentioned, that I suck.

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