Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I hate dishonest marketing... but the temptation of a writer, especially a self published indie writer who lacks the marketing push of even a moderate sized corporation to drive traffic, is to compromise a certain amount of writing integrity in order to get readers.

Adding controversy adds interest. People want to be shocked and awed, to borrow a phrase that seems apt in this particular application. It is like politics today, where people are, I believe, more aware of the political arena because of the extremists in both major parties arguing, not because of centrist policy makers who attempt to find common ground. What fun is there for casual observers when folks get along and agree?

We want scandal and titillation. We want to hold onto false indignation and be offended by something, no matter what that something is, or whether or not our feelings are honest. Same thing with writing. To draw in readers of today, there has to be a hook, some controversy, manufactured if needed. Even if that cheapens and undermines the writing produced.

So yeah, boobs. Aren't we all boobs, for valuing sensation and fluff more often over the more satisfying substance of finely crafted literary works?

Of course, there is a place in life for the other kind of boobs... there must be balance in all things; substance and integrity is but one.

On  a side note, tomorrow I will include my first installment of Pablo and Alicia, an experiment in short installment fiction.

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