Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everything is Green

So what do you listen to as you write? Is that a relevant question? I sometimes assume that everyone prepares for writing in the same way that I do and I need to have music playing in order to get my mind right. Gotta have the tunes or the pump just can't get primed.
In high school I wrote a fantasy novel while continuously replaying a cassette tape of Buju Banton, a reggae artist, the first reggae I ever heard. Not surprising as a white Mainer during the mid-1990's. I don't often listen to reggae nowadays (not Banton especially, who it turns out was singing in one song about beating gay men, which to anyone should be distasteful), though I found reggae to be great background noise with lyrics I hardly understood, but an energy that kept me cranking out the words.

And now? I'm listening to the album Muppets: The Green Album. Funny how I know all the songs, already. Isn't nostalgia (a bitch) great.

What are you listening to, then? What are you writing?

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