Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini Milestone: My Big 50! (Blog Post)

I should have balloons. Everyone loves balloons, and little balloon animals, and helium balloons might be best of all. For some reason I seem to recall my first encounter with helium balloons in relation to McDonalds. Maybe a birthday party, but I was hardly more sociable as a five year old than I am now, so I can't verify that memory. That's the trouble, isn't it? Thirty years ago seems short except when you try to reconstruct the moment.

Sorry, I guess that with no balloons, and no other special hoody-do for my 50th blog post, I have am left with not much else.

I have been thinking about where I am in relation to where I started with blogging. I feel like there is progress, but looking to the future, I see the road is long. I guess that is good in a way, that I have a long way to go, that I haven't quite broke in my blogging shoes, yet.

As a writer, it is better to be in the journey rather than at the end of the road. At least I think so.

At 6 AM, I can be pensive, I feel justified. My inspiration today is planning my honeymoon to New Zealand.

I'll look at some pictures, meditate, and maybe later I will have something better for everyone. Whizzbangery, balloons, mystical insight that will make you taller, a better lover and better looking by 12.5%.

Image from The Telegraph Newspaper
Stay tuned.

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