Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something I Believe

     There is something that I believe to be true when it comes to posting a blog; you can control your words only. After posting, the reactions and comments of others are their reactions and comments. I don't believe that a blogger is a dictator, nor should they try to be.
There are times when someone needs to be a Voice of Reason. That is understood in this world where face to face conversations have been replaced by computer interactions. There is a new dynamic, not just in writing, but in our social attitudes. it is okay for many people to be crass and rude when they have the security of the internet to filter their interactions.

     The question I keep asking myself is if this is a bad thing. There is a new dynamic and change is happening. We can't change, change. Nor can we as writers and bloggers, take control of the internet, not even our own sites, without become mini dictators. Threats of harm are a no-no and language without merit (useless name calling, race/ sexual orientation/ religion- baiting, etc.) are equally subject to control, but there is freedom on the internet and it needs to be free, I think.

     As I said, there are exceptions, and as a responsible blogger, if there are comments that step over the line, then those posts need to be blocked and perhaps users banned. Yet there is latitude that a blogger should allow for that I sadly see attacked repeatedly, especially on blogs that have a political slant.

     I am conservative politically: non-religious, socially centrist, and fiscally, further to the right. If I choose to post something in my writing blog with a comment about politics, I expect there to be comments from across the political spectrum. It is ridiculous to expect otherwise and I would not feel it is my right to exert the control as blog-creator and try to ban/block certain, opposing, viewpoints. That is my job as long as comments are reasonable and no one is going beyond the line (and that line is a judgment call, as it ultimately must be).

     So, comments on what is written is fair game and if my politics show, then comments are expected. I don't want to be a dictator and I wish others would do the same. It is a new world. Discourse is the only means of change that matters. To be a part of the great unified tomorrow, we must become integrated, and that means that barriers must be cast aside and the freedom of words encouraged, not discouraged.

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