Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Writer, Read and Be Healed!

Writers who read are better writers.
We have all heard that and we tend to believe it with a no questions asked attitude. The question I had recently is whether what a writer reads matters. I spent the weekend alternating between laying on a beach getting sun and lazily reading a David Baldacci novel, the first I ever encountered. It’s a beach book, no question. Nothing wrong with that, but I have found myself reading mostly beach books.
So I ask myself, “Hey you! Hey. What are you doing? Can’t you find something more challenging? Shouldn’t you be tackling something… of substance… something to stimulate your shriveling brain? You need something.”  
So, is that voice right? Is reading that important to a writer and if so, does it really matter what a writer reads. Or is that voice just a mocking and insensitive monkey who deserves to get smacked? Right in the kisser, hard and with some animosity.
I don’t have an answer. I did order  Busy Monsters: A Novel by William Giraldi. It seems a step up from the current stream of books I’ve been reading. Maybe it will make me a new Hemingway.
Probably not.

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