Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Writing Well is no Longer all it Takes

I wrote previously my Six Organizing Tips for Writers and have tried to follow my own advice. While commenting at Karen Woodward's blog last night, I realized the enormous task that I faced.
The market for ebook writers is wide open at the moment and genres don’t matter as much. We writers have the latitude to choose the writing we want to do- with commercial considerations our guide or our passion. Hopefully, the passions we have as writers will be enough to bring commercial fulfillment and we don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.
That said, the freedom is illusory. There are so many considerations for writers, so many balls to juggle, that many nights after my real job, I spent my time not writing so as to, in some twisted road to the promised land, become a successful writer.
  • I spent time on Twitter, learning the ins and outs, trying to follow and be followed
  • I image surfed, Pinned images for Pinterest, for my blogs
  • I worked on designs for my blog (because really, it kinda sucks life right out of a creative person’s head and thanks Blogger for the bland basic design)
  • I discovered again that I am not a web designer and spent time searching for tips
  • I continued to work on the basic, ‘straightening shit out’ for both my blogs
  • I spent time learning the basics of promotion
Those are some of the things I did. I managed to take about a half hour amongst the frustration to smoke a cigar and drink a finger of Talisker Whisky with my wife on the front step. Then back inside to try to earn everything that I don’t know.
Freedom? Only if you enjoy and have an aptitude for advertising, web design, networking, research and so much else. Writing well is no longer all that it takes. We must become one person publishing houses and sometimes, sometimes I think I might need more than a stiff drink to get me through.

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