Thursday, September 29, 2011

#130orless: A New Hashtag for Micro Stories

One of the wonderful things I have discovered while on twitter is the forced shift in thinking it takes to deliver a message in a short space.
For example, the above sentence is two characters longer than twitter allows and for all the length, is not the most direct or insightful or powerful, message that I could write. 140 characters is not a limitation, but rather a daily boot camp on what it means to write efficient and targeted messages. It makes a writer concentrate on bloat and waste and to excise the fat so the meat of the message is on display.
I enjoy twitter, far more than I thought I would. I held off on joining because I couldn’t imagine what the point was of having so harsh a limitation on space. Now I understand.
With understanding, I have begun a new hashtag, #130orless. The purpose is to pack as much impact as I can into 130 characters or less to allow room for the 10 character hashtag.
Maybe the results aren’t stories, not in the accepted sense, but the micro stories are fun to craft and hopefully will be fun to read. I’ve done two thus far and have found them to be like little puzzles where words need to fit for both meaning and length.
Last night I spent 20 minutes crafting a micro and it helped to prepare my mind for other writing. It was a great exercise to prep me for other writing and rather than stare at a blank page, it allowed my mind to sort back into the writing process.
I would love to read creations from readers, if anyone is willing to share here or on twitter.
Have fun, write often and keep supporting your the indie writer community. 


Rochelle said...

I hate the Twitter character limit.

MT Nickerson said...

Used to think that I would hate the limit, but now I think I am really liking it because of the limit.