Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Assess, Plan, Change: 71

This a beginning, not the beginning.

Reading yesterday something concerning beginnings and blogs. Do I have a beginning on mine, am I doing enough to make my blog comfortable for visitors, am I driving people away with how I have chosen to structure my posts and my pages?

Not sure of the answer to those questions and even if I knew, the solution, that still eludes me at the moment. Sometimes I will set a task for my sleeping brain. Do you ever do that, or I wonder if it just a quirk of mine? Before sleep, I think of what I want to accomplish and in the morning, I will have thoughts bouncing around.

The free floating thoughts, they are helpful if I consider their essence rather than the coherence of the whole. Meaning what? My sleeping mind is less constricted and thus able to make connections that are on the surface tenuous, but more creative. More rich in texture.

This morning, my mind was stubbornly direct and decidedly playing one note. I kept seeing a post title and at the end, a number. What does this solve? Do I think that numbering all my posts will give my blog the needed structure? I’m not sure but my sleeping brain is insistent that I try and there’s a tickle concerning pages attached to the blog and other, more vaporous wisps of thoughts that I can’t see the shape of, not now anyway.

So. What does that get me? What does that get you, if you’ve read this? Certainly vague, rather odd, but maybe there is something.

One important point, because I think there needs to be something of value so I don’t feel so much like I wasted everyone’s time:

Being static is not the path that brings success. You have to assess, plan, change, assess plan, change. Changes that are planned and needed and done with intelligence, they make a difference because this new writing dynamic, it demands adaptation.

Right now? I need to plan after assessing my blog and finding a deficiency. Then I can make changes.

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