Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be More Smarter

I found this and it is amazing.

I was using Stumbleupon when I happened onto this website, The Simpler Life and now I know what I will be doing for weeks and weeks. Maine writer, Maine, Maine, Maine, Maine
The article I found, 14 Links to Make You a More Intelligent Person, is both unbelievable due to the sheer volume of content that those fourteen links represent, but also the audacity of the title, the notion that static information can have any effect upon a person.

Will exploring Project Gutenberg, the first link on the list, make you intelligent, or just well-informed? Is there a difference between the two? I believe there has to be understanding, processing and an ability to apply knowledge gained, otherwise it is not intelligence but rather consumption with no true purpose. I suppose there is value an a place for unthinking consumption, but without directed purpose, what is the ultimate point?

Without a conscious purpose and measured intent, there is no difference between reading a book or staring at your navel. Neither activity alone, devoid of a destination achieved by intent, matters more than the other quantitatively as neither alters your previous intellectual condition.

I could ask the question of what intelligence is and maybe I will in a future post, but for now, I want to simply say, read the above article. What you get from it, that is up to you a reader, as a person. Just don't expect to suddenly become intelligent.

For that, you must want, you must work and you must value knowledge at more than a surface level. No passive gorging, people, no orgy of volume without substance. Seek with a purpose and I think you will enjoy the experience more and understand that limits are limited by the boundaries you set for yourself.

Set your boundaries wide.

Now, off with you, off with me. Time to learn.

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