Monday, September 12, 2011

CreateSpace, Lulu, Kindle oh My

I haven't said much about my personal writing projects of late. Mostly because my writing projects have revolved around trying to establish my blogs. This may be backward in some eyes, but to me, it makes sense. Blogging gets me in a mindset of writing each day, planning and thinking of projects long -term.

That doesn’t mean my other writing has been completely neglected, just scaled back.

I have been looking into my options in regards to the preliminary book planning I am doing currently. No real specifics yet, except to say that the book is a collaboration that will feature photos, though color or black and white, paper back or hard cover still remains a question.

I have been studying the website, an affiliate and the ease on the sales side is a definite bonus, as is the price. Also with CreateSpace, I would be able to have the book in kindle format and deal with publishing through a single source which being new might be my best option and so far is the direction I'm leaning.

I will say that seems to have the better quality books, especially for full color and they do hard cover.

I believe in electronic publishing and though I like the books on Lulu better, I have to think of functionality and the future of publishing. Is there a market for the coffee table book and if so, is there room in the market to tweak the traditional form of the book?

I'm not sure people will want a paper book with photos that isn't hard cover. If I go that route, however, print a paper cover book, I can offer that book for significantly less money.

Thankfully, I am still in the content creation mode. That means I have time to decide on the ultimate format. The one thing I am certain of, though, is that it needs to be on the kindle, the nook, the ipad and any other e-book device.

I'm looking at a publish date in the spring. I know that is slow in the e-book world, but this is a special project and it needs to be as perfect as I can produce.

Any feedback on CreateSpace or Lulu from those who have used those services?

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