Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Football and Patriotism

Watching the New England Patriots on Monday night football and thinking about a lot of things, topmost is the realization that I may be the only blogger not to mention 9/11. It seems that everyone has an opinion and it is sad that a day that should be about reflection on those who died has turned partisan.

But then, what isn't partisan these days?

I don't want to jump into the discussion, though I feel that the great writers amongst us should have meaningful discourse. I had planned to talk about my experience in 2011, how it helped me to decide while in college that I wanted to write, that it was okay to want to write, to be a writer. I wanted to say that mortality was on my mind and thoughts of legacy and happiness and living my life.

Maybe I still can reflect on who I was and what I became and what I still want to accomplish.

I'm tired of bickering. Tired of pettiness. Tired of every opportunity seen as a chance to divide, blame and get an advantage.

I think 9/11 made me a better person, though I wish that there had been any other way to achieve that change within myself.

Ten years later, when we should be strong, we instead have two political towers in America that are burning and on the verge of collapse. We worry about blame. We should worry about the future. Who takes the high road?

Photo by Axel Foley
I think, as I watch the Patriots play football, that I just don't give a damn about any of them, the politicians, the journalists, the insiders and the outsiders; the whole damn bunch.

So I have decide to watch football, stay out of politics and blog little frivolous blog posts that make me happy, that make me remember the reasons why I write.

I am officially disenfranchised, but, you know, it doesn't really matter because the Patriots are still winning the game and right now in my life, that is the extent of my ability to care.

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