Friday, September 9, 2011

For Nana

We are small and brief.

We are given a spark when born, and the greatest of us use that spark to light the lives of those around them; family and friends and those casually met.

We can only hope that we, the ones who have had our lives brightened by those special people, can hold true to the light given us and pass that light to others, to hold that light pure and always remember the joy and the happiness that light brings.

We are more and we are better and somehow, with strength and courage, we go on.

We love and we don't forget.

We thank you, the light-bringers, and we always carry the light you gave us so we can pass it to others, selflessly, as you showed us.

We are blessed.


SCG said...

Beautiful brother. Thank you.

MT Nickerson said...

If anyone deserves beautiful words, that person is Nana. I'm thankful to be part of the family.