Friday, September 30, 2011

The Hunt: My new novel (sort of)

I tweeted the tentative blurb for my first novel, my so-called back cover copy. (What will we call back-cover copy in the future, with e-books proliferating and back-covers no longer necessary? As I type that, I wonder and so have no answer ready. The blurb is still important for marketing, but not necessary for inclusion in the actual e-book. I imagine if I check JA Konrath's blog closely, he will have already discussed this. I'll research)

Any who, and further more....

The blurb and the heart of my outline:

1.Chased by authorities, four runaway boys hunt a bobcat and on the dark journey discover their fates.

This begins my three act story arc and is the one sentence overview of my novel. I might, when saying this to someone, say Four runaway boys, chased by authorities, hunt..., as in, My story is about-

2.The adventure turns ominous when a gun is stolen and a struggle for control of the group uncovers the true instability of one boy.

This is start of the true tension and the end of the first act.

3.Increasing violence culminates in a savage beating.

The danger increases and survival is more in doubt.

4.When finally cornered, one boy makes a choice and pays the ultimate price.

The end of act two.

5.In the aftermath of tragedy, a final confrontation between rivals determines the course of the rest of their lives.

The end. Act three is where two of the boys vie, in an ultimate confrontation, for justice and survival.

And from those five sentences, I will continue to build the rest of my outline and then, my first novel. Sometime in the spring of 2012.

Now, I just have to get my ass in gear. Work, work, work...

How about the rest of you?  

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