Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If Solitude is Good for Superman, Then it is Good For You Too

Sometimes there needs to be solitude. Maybe not an entire fortress of solitude, but a small ranch style home of solitude is nice every once in awhile. Sometimes solitude needs to be chosen by external forces, and forced upon a person.

I took my laptop to work Monday morning and forgot to bring it home with me that night. I never bring my laptop. That’s my rationale for forgetting, but forget I did and as a result, I was shut off from the internet world for an entire evening. No twitter, no facebook, no blogger, no distractions.

It was nice.

I am not naturally inclined to be plugged in all the time. Well, I say that, but then I think it would be better to qualify that with adding that if I do something, I tend to obsess a bit regardless of whether the activity is something I enjoy or not.

I was feeling obsessed and it wasn’t beneficial.

So I was forced into solitude. I had a nice spicy noodle soup, homemade by my beautiful wife and then we sat outside on the front steps and looked at the stars through clouds of cigar smoke. And we talked.

We used our voices and had some direct and meaningful conversation and as a result?

I feel more centered and calm and refreshed, even with just a short break, just an evening. My mind is clearer, I’m more focused and I feel better about my writing projects than I did for the past few days.

Solitude. Maybe that was the real key to Superman’s power. He could get away, regroup and recharge.

Writers need the same thing, even if we have to sometimes be forced to recognize that stepping away can be another way to step ahead, only in a different direction.

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