Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mishka: Is A Dog Better Than a Blogger?

So a talking dog gets millions of viewers for saying, 'I love you'? Mishka the Husky.

Maybe I need a nickname half as cool? Mick the Hack, perhaps. Or Mike Da Writer.

More hunger than love I think (not Mishka) by Ezioman
Or maybe what I need is someone to film me after I have a couple fingers of whiskey. I can slur my words just as well as that dog. I mean, 'I love you'? Give me a break. I hug people when I get to the 'I love you' phase of the night. Don't say it, if you can't show it.

Nobody visiting my blog at the thought of seeing that.

Bet that dog couldn't handle a state university, or the creative writing program at said university with kids who think that they're clever and talented and don't realize that when you have to seek validation of your cool-ratio in a creative writing class at the University Maine by writing crappy stories about living your life based on fortune cookies (you still suck you pompous no talent, Mr. I'll-try-to-eviscerate- you-anonymously-because-I-have-no-guts) then dude, you ain't really the real thing.

So okay, I don't get the page views, but the page views I do get are quality, by people who care.

Thank you to all the people who care. And writers, remember; you will never compete with cute dogs, but if you keep plugging away, you can find more than a casual peeper. You will find individuals who are willing, and who truly want, to spend a few minutes every day reading what you write. Those individuals care and will follow you long after the Mishka's of the world are replaced with the next fad.

Fans and friends for life. That should be your goal.

For those who think the above is just BS, here's a link you might enjoy:

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