Friday, September 16, 2011

No Laser Focus, Just a Weekly Review

I have never been accused of possessing a laser focus, so knowing that, I try hard not to make long and convoluted plans of actions that I actually will stick with. I am more go with the flow than do A, do B, do C, etc.

I like making lists, would do that all day some days and on occasion, I have done that, made lists and was happy. Anyway. This long preamble is leading up to a non-resolution and a non-commitment to a thought I had when I woke this morning. I’m thinking a weekly wrap up.

Saying that I would like to do a wrap up, I will now proceed to the wrap up phase Version 1 for September 16, 2011.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Karen Woodward (who I have been reading and enjoying for awhile now), Hektor Karl (who discovered me recently and I was lucky enough in turn to discover him and his blog) and A.M. Supinger (who I have just this morning met). All three have followed my blog Fifty Book Quest this week and I want to say how grateful I am for the support they have shown me, especially when I was beginning to wonder if I was blogging in a bubble.

My most popular pin courtesy Mojomechanics
Elsewhere in my world, I have found time to develop a burgeoning addiction to the site Pinterest, a photo tagging site that my wife so callously hooked me on. As if I don’t have enough to do, I search the web, looking for interesting pictures to astound other Pinterest folks with, in hopes that they will want to ‘repin’ one of my finds.

Yesterday I found Wanderfly. It is run by Orbitz. Not sure where this helps me with writing, but it is fun to randomly search the site for new locales to visit and write about.

I have begun the nitty-gritty with a photo book that I am planning to have finished this spring. Doing the structural planning and hopefully, because this will be a collaboration, I can get all the pieces in place in quick order. Tentative Title; Flander’s Pond, Maine: On the Quiet Side.

Most important this week, for me, is I continue to learn and I think it is finally getting easier, the more settle into this blogging thing. There is always next week, to correct the things I got wrong this week. I’m sure I screwed up a lot but hey, I’m still a rookie, right?

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