Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Page Rank- Not Quite a PRO

I was reading an article by Tony Chou at Daily Blog Tips concerning page rank. Specifically, how to increase your page rank. It all makes sense, but I find that I don't really want to follow his advice.


That is the question and intelligently, I am unable to respond because the intelligent answer is to say, 'Yeah brain, you suck. You should follow Mr. Chou's advice, increase page rank, get some of that fame and fortune for yourself. Stupid brain, try being smart for once!'

Only, it all seems distasteful in a way that I can't place. Not Mr. Chou. I am not saying that I find him distasteful. It is the process of trying to get people to read a blog through tactics of marketing when I would rather that people read my blog because they like the content.

(If I posted more pictures, pictures of me being manly and introspective- maybe building something? Would that be helpful for increasing my page rank? I will think about that further.)

I am a PR0. Until reading Mr. Chou's article, I would have thought that was a good thing, but as I am constantly reminded, the internets is a tricksome mistress. The 'O', what I read to be an 'O' and thus making me a pro? Yeah. That's really a zero, a '0'. There is a difference as wide as the great grand canyon.

One makes me cool (a little dangerous, no?), while the other? Not so much of anything.

So I could make tables and backlinks and comment on a big news site and argue points with other people hanging out arguing points and get me some better page rank, which is what I ultimately want. I just don't understand why the advice Mr. Chou gives, valid as it is, does not appeal to me at all.

Usually I enjoy tables and graphs and such. Just, when I write, I enjoy the freedom of not having charts and graphs and such. I enjoy the writing. I enjoy going to a few certain blogs and not caring how much exposure I get.

Maybe I will in time.

Maybe I'll bust out a table or a graph or some such.

If you are ready already for those things, check out Tony Chou. A great article ahead of it's time (for me at least. Right stupid brain? Yeah, that's defs right. All day right.)

So there you go. Great advice on the internet exists. What do you choose to do with it?

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