Monday, September 26, 2011

To Blog or Journal

What's the deal? Here I am, 76 posts into my blogging life and I am just naïve enough to believe that I am somehow ahead of the learn curve. Not by a little, but by a wide margin and why not? I've been reading about blogging and following blogs and hey, not toot my horn in an obnoxious manner, but I'm not stupid. When I see a deficiency, I try to correct my mistakes and generally am improving all the time.


I am not happy with being static and I have a desire to make my blog the best destination for readers that I can, so when I read a post this afternoon that pointed out how arrogant and clueless I have been, well, it was a cold deluge that set me reeling.

Reeling a bit, and for a short time. It doesn't do to get too down or otherwise you will never get anywhere, so here I am, back at the grind.

The post was about writing to your audience- not for yourself.

Martyn Chamberlin writes on Daily Blog Tips:

Has it happened to you?
You start a blog and try to get people to read your stuff. You spend oodles of time customizing your               theme. You chew posts over your keyboard. You sit back and wait to be discovered. But instead of being               discovered, you discover something:

Nobody gives a rip who you are.

Folks are busy. They only care about themselves. The only way to get their attention is to cater to their needs. You have to deliver hand-tailored goods crafted for them.

You have to write on target.

I realized, Martyn Chamberlin is right and nobody does give a rip. He goes on to compare a writer who writes for themselves and ignore the needs and wants of the audience as journaling and not blogging.

I've been doing some journaling, but I have to ask, is it a big deal?

The answer is simple; it's important if I want to grow my blog. I'm not that interesting and not that funny. What do I do, then? I enjoy my daily posts, but without feedback, I don't know if anyone else does. The fact that I don't get feedback is my best clue, just as Chamberlin says, that people are not engaged.

I am faced with the fact that I know nothing. You know what, though? I am okay with that, at least at this point of my blogging career because I am having fun writing and I haven't stopped learning.

I think there is a way to combine love of writing, elements of journaling and fuse all that with an informative blog people want to read. Or maybe I'm full of shit and destined to be unloved, unread, and unremembered.

I'll take my chances, as long as I continue to have fun. But I continue to recognize my failings, which at the end of the day, that is was important. Then I can figure out how to make those deficiencies into advantages. I'd rather look at my situation that way, otherwise....

...I might as well quit.


Rochelle said...

Well you usually find someone out there is reading your blog. It's nice to post something, on YOUR blog. Nobody else's, and you can say whatever you want :-)

MT Nickerson said...

Thanks for the comment Rochelle. Validation by one voice, one comment, is sometimes all it takes.

I still enjoy the blogging/ journaling, so no chance that I'll quit, even if my page views are anemic.