Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whisper Prone

I do not whisper to myself in the bathroom despite what my wife says. I think perhaps it may be ghosts or the HGTV might be fritzy. Either is more likely.

If I were to whisper to myself, which is ludicrous, as it makes me sound warped and friendless when in fact I am generally well-liked and I have a very attractive and well-adjusted wife... uh...

No. Got one of those twisty sentences where I lost track. Sorry. Back to the whispering. If I were to whisper to myself, it would be a way to sound out all the thoughts in my head, to give them voice and to test how the mind version and the real world version match up. Sometimes the stuff in the head may sound pretty effen cool, when it comes out in actual speech, it really just blows.

This is not an admission, mind you. We are still dancing with if as our partner. If that were the case, the whispering to get things sorted where they bounce and echo in real space, then is that weird?

Really. I want to know. Doing something like that, unconsciously most of the time, a sort of second nature redundancy, that isn't strange. If I were to engage in such a thing, which again I must stress I most certainly do not and have not been doing such a thing since earliest memory.

I'm a man grown, not some secret bathroom whisperer.

Glad we cleared that up and we can all just... move along. Cause there's nothing to see (hear) here.

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