Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Writing Quality and Writing Frequency

Explore. That’s what writers do isn’t it? Whether it is research and we explore the Internet, or less often now, the local library, or we explore our minds for inspiration and those little stories that want so bad to be written that sometimes we can’t sleep.

That is what I do, each day. Some days are easier, some more frustrating, but in my early days of blogging daily, I can say one thing is certain; no matter the day, I am always learning.

I read two things recently that have coalesced into a half-thought. I still need to explore on this issue, but then, I believe this is an issue all writers have to explore.

Writing volume.

There is this graph on The author, Dan Zarrella, through some extensive research of his own, illustrates the fact that multiple daily posts gain more traffic to your blog.

That sounds good, right? More content , more traffic, better for the writer.

Except, how does one do that, provide a constant stream of quality content while starting out? I have a full-time job, as does most indie writers and bloggers. I also need to save some time for my other writing projects and that means I have a time problem.

The second item I read, about quality versus value, highlighted the point of the need for quality content. The author in that piece, Patti Stafford, suggests that value is as important for new writers as is content, though from other reading, I would say that she is in the minority on this point.

With the two thoughts in my head, I wonder how to reconcile them. I suppose I could choose the idea of value and never mind quality while pumping content onto my blog. That just doesn’t seem appealing. I enjoy writing my blog and though I haven’t yet achieved the quality I want, quality is what I strive for.

There is a third way that I have decided is best for me now and maybe will work for most people, those relatively new to blogging anyway. I want to be happy. I want to explore my blogging skills.

I want to write and find out who I am.

Perhaps that finds me followers and readers an maybe I will just write to an empty room. I’m fine with that now, partly out of necessity as my page views remain low, but mostly because I feel that if I enjoy what I do, then others will enjoy that feeling that shows up in my writing.

What thought says you, the silent majority?


Julie Musil said...

I say write what's in your heart, and what you're learning, and you'll be surprised how many people are in the same boat you are! That's what I've noticed, anyway :D

Hektor Karl said...

"I feel that if I enjoy what I do, then others will enjoy that feeling that shows up in my writing."

I like this mentality. So I say, "Good luck."

MT Nickerson said...

Julie, Hektor, thank you both for your comments. They are greatly appreciated. I've tried to stay positive, to think of the writing as a joy, because that's how I feel.

Trying to communicate that joy for what I love, that is the difficult part, especially when the nagging thought constantly pounding in my head is, "no one cares."

I have been amazed by the community that I have found as I try to learn all the things I never realized I didn't know. Writers, supporting writers. That is important. That is what indie writing is all about.

Again, thank you. Both.