Monday, September 19, 2011

The Writing World Seems to Have me Beat

As a writer, you should be out and about, friending and following and writing comments and reading blogs and buying books and stories and the general writing from the writers you enjoy. You do this as a way to support your fellow writers who will in turn support you.

It may take time. You need to find your niche, but eventually, you will find like-minded folks and gain followers and people will notice and you and you will be amazed by the support you find. There are great people out there. I found them.

So will you.

Now, the happy-happy, joy-joy portion of the day is over with because we have important matters that are in need of discussing.

If you look around at your fellow writers, you will notice that a few (or more than a few), are better than you. They are more eloquent, elegant, efficient and damn! that only covers the letter E- and not a comprehensive list, either!

Don’t despair. If you notice deficiencies in your writing in comparison to other writing you encounter, and you are being objective and not hyper-critical, then that is a good thing.

Objectivity is lacking, people. Too many grocery lists to be found out there, and not enough self-awareness as to the true quality of work that is being published.

You can do better.

If you have taken the step to recognize that you aren’t quite up to snuff, you have a choice; two broad choices really, as far as I see.

You can become discouraged and mope and be a negative downer who no one wants to associate with. (Hint, this is not the choice that 4 out 5 writer’s recommend). The second choice (pay attention) is to Do Something About Your Writing!

Got that? Be positive and then work. No excuses, no easy outs, just work. Why do you think other writing, other blogs, other writers in general, are better than you? You can come up with a real list and you should, but at the heart of the matter is that writers who write all the time, who sit down and produce words, they are the ones who often have the most positive results.

Do you have a quality problem? If so, how do you plan to fix that problem?

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