Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Trailers- Another Tool for Writers

Book trailers. I've never heard of such a thing, which I suppose id unsurprising considering my newness to all things publishing. I have been, up to a few months ago, all about the consumer side of books, and even that was limited mainly to my local bookstore and forays onto Amazon for my favorite authors.

So today, as I tried to consume the entire interweb (don't do that by the way; it causes terrible indigestion and personally, I got a bit of a sore head), I encountered the notion of book trailers. I haven't spent much time researching this concept except a cursory google search.

Top on the list is a site Not sure about that one. Moving to the second, I find Book Trailers for That one is for children's books and YA. Haven't made it quite yet to number three. Sorry about that.

Anyway. When I first heard about book trailers, I was instantly aware of a how much times have changed and the amazing possibilities that exist. There has been vlogging for years and social media has obviously opened up the world of networking and marketing. But really, there is so much more and maybe that includes book trailers, just perhaps not like the ones I have so far found.

I can see an integration of video, social media outlets, blogs- the world of digital that expands and exploits more than was ever possible in print alone. But print exists too. It's still okay to exploit print as well by talking to your local newspaper and getting some ink in the form of reviews, making your book available on Amazon's CreateSpace, or utilizing fliers if you are feeling especially ambitious and creative.

Promotion, avenues for marketing, the very essence of what it means to publish, all these things are becoming so user friendly, so in favor of the indie author, that it isn't an issue of how it is an issue where, as in where do I start?

So, the question is, where do you start?

I think for me, I need to look more into book trailers. Anyone have any good sites to share?


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I only know this...I don't watch book trailers. I don't like them. Most seem awfully amateurish and frankly, dorky. A friend made a couple for my books as a gift and I had her remove them from youtube. Too stupid for words.
Once in a great while you stumble across a very funny or creative book trailer, but they are few and far between.

MT Nickerson said...

Thanks, Julia.

I've never seen a book trailer, but I do find the idea of book trailers fascinating. There must be a way to integrate, in a completely non-dorky way, a range of media types to enhance writing sales.

But if all I can get is dorky results... well, I am a dork...

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

LOL! I'm a dork too, but more of a Trekkie-type comic book hero, Big Bang Theory dork. If Sheldon made me a book trailer, I'd probably enjoy it!