Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrating My 100th Blog Post With Muddy Waters

100th blog post. Yeah.

Am I underwhelmed? Not really. What I am is realistic. It is a milestone that is rather meaningless because it is arbitrary, because there remains a long road to travel. This is a step, the 100th, but not the last.

What I am becoming aware of, what I am learning step by step, is that I have yet to see the great big world out there. I'm not even close to walking out of my hometown, I'm just a neophyte, a newbie with much to learn, much to see.

Sit back, folks, listen to a tune and consider this:

You will fumble, you will struggle, you will feel despair that your words just float into nothingness, that no one cares and no one ever will. The highs will be followed by lows. You will think that finally you are gaining ground, that maybe you are making progress that you know what you did not know before.

You are almost there.

100 blog posts. Tomorrow will be 101 and then 102 and then? I'll write a post with the title, 1,000th Blog Post. Eventually. And I will be pleased, but only if I'm not walking in circles because that is a possible outcome. It is scary to venture into deep water and once you find a comfortable niche, a small group of folks who support you, you are tempted to settle.

I get 40-50 daily views. That improves on my 10-12 from a month ago. I want to build my site by the end of the year and get an average of 80-100 views per day. I'm in this for the long haul and I suppose what I'm saying is don't despair. A slow increase is okay. Objectively, I can see that I have made improvements. I see where I need to make more.

You need to do that, folks, see the possibilities and exploit them. Complacency is a killer that will keep you from reaching your potential. I exist in a state of agitation and the only remedy is to seek that which I don't know.

Drive forward, and improve. Settle and perish in obscurity.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Interesting. Keep on truckin' then.

MT Nickerson said...

You know, I feel as if the impending 100th blog post has been keeping back this past week or so in terms of writing creativity. It has felt like I am waiting for some giant leap forward- either in writing ability or in site visitors.

I'm glad this post is over and done, because maybe I can get beyond this funk I have been in and the quality of the posts can improve. Everything has been blah and the 100th post provided no magic thus far.

farawayeyes said...

You can only coast downhill. It's amazing what can happen when you write for the love of writing and talk for the love of talking and telling a good story. I love nothing better than the sound of my own voice. I have learned to be a listener also. In the end all you really own is your story.

MT Nickerson said...


Well put. I never thought of coasting in the way you described, but it of course is absolutely true. Strange that I never considered how coasting is another way of descending; as writers, as individuals, we never want to descend.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on #100, Michael!

Keep writing! I enjoy reading it.

MT Nickerson said...

Thanks John. Always appreciate your comments.

I would say go Bengals in support, but I am a born and raised New England boy... so... :)