Saturday, October 15, 2011

Confidence is Your Armor, Writer

Confidence is the armor, the shield and the sword every writer requires.

Without confidence, you end up battered, beaten and friendless. (Well... maybe not friendless. You'll still have the writer voices in your head to call friends. A writer will always have the voices, right?)

Confidence should not be confused with obstinacy or even arrogance. You don't know everything, Writer, no matter the public face you may present otherwise. Not knowing is okay. Just be certain that ignorance does not become a misguided badge of honor that hides an unwillingness to correct the holes in your knowledge.

If you don't know, find out. It is obstinacy prevents correction of a lack of knowledge and arrogance that shouts that you don't need to seek help, that you already know all you need to know. Neither approach is confidence.

With confidence, I admit to a lack of information, a lack of knowledge. Specifically, I have wondered about hubpages. Is it worth my time? The site obviously presents the extreme success stories, and many folks around the interweb say positive things about hubpages. I have also heard the opposite.
Has anyone had personal experience with hubpages and if so, is it a waste of time? I enjoy writing, but writing for peanuts? Not so much.

I would really appreciate feedback. I am ignorant. I say that with confidence.

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