Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family and New Friends

Three of my five nieces stayed over for the night, ages 4, 6, and 9. This, as far as I can recall, is their first sleepover ever. We carved pumpkins, ate pizza, watched a Disney movie (Tangled) and then it was a bedtime story and the lengthy process of settling for the night.

My house has strange noises (baseboard heat) and the combination of lights that needed to be kept on was an issue that had to be divined. (Hallway bathroom light was nixed eventually by the office/ bedroom light across the hall from the spare bedroom.) Then sleep came and no pitter-patter of little girl feet was heard all through the night. A bit surprising considering I was prepared for at least a dozen requests for water, and made-up questions that were really disguises for comfort and assurance.

Anyway. A very good visit. Now I wait in my bedroom for the girls to wake up so I can begin to make pancakes for their breakfast and after that my wife will do their hair and then off with them to meet their mother who will be at church, hopefully well-rested from having a night off. (Well, she did have my 2 year old nephew because there was no way my wife and I would consider swinging that fearsome foursome.)

So all this is preamble for an incident from yesterday while I was conversing with the very lovely Quillfeather (or Wendy Morrell) on twitter about New Zealand. I had, as is my custom, posted a link to my daily blog post and then I received what I thought was a negative comment. ( After a couple of direct messages, I realized I am, as usual, too sensitive).

It illustrates a point that with family I am on sure-footing, with the world of twitter and such, not as much. There are many opportunities to misunderstand when out in the greater world and what is important is to have a clear head and to make allowances for the unknown. I was mildly upset yesterday for no reason and that is plain stupid. It is easy to be unproductive simply because you don't know all the rules.

The interpersonal issues are hazards I had never considered.

There is always a new challenge to study and overcome. This is just the latest. Not the last.


Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

Hey, thanks for the mention :)

Yes, it's easy to get the wrong end of the stick on twitter. 140 characters really isn't enough. I've experienced the same anxiety, when someone completely misconstrued what I said.

The real world is much less stressful. Especially if you're sensitive. Such as I.

MT Nickerson said...

Yes. I find that I need to step back and seek clarification often, maybe because I expect a negative response. Rather pathetic on my part and some of the reason why I never pursued public writing before my mid-thirties; a general fear of looking stupid and having that stupidity proven correct.