Monday, October 24, 2011

Married? Yes, Please

Here is my life, an example what it is like being me.

I proposed to my wife almost a year ago and like most men, I was stressing and not so much about the decision to ask my future wife to marry me. I stressed over the way I asked. How, I wondered, am I going to ask her, to show her how much I cared.

I came up with taking her to the coastal town of Rockland and the Samoset Resort- in the off season.

I felt pretty good about myself. I had the big plan all set, the walk along the breakwater on the ocean, the romantic dinner, the room with a view. Of course it was November. It was cold. My future wife wanted to go to Goodwill. She definitely did not want to take a walk by the ocean.

My plan was shot. All except for the answer, which was thankfully yes.

I ended up taking a knee in the hotel room and we toasted the occasion with wine in plastic cups.

How romantic.

Flash forward to this past weekend.

My wife's cousin just proposed to his girlfriend. He had a sign made, took her on a plane, flew her over the sign that was attached to the roof of their house and on the sign were the words, “Will you marry me?”

Pretty awesome.

Then, on a long planned trip to Italy, my brother-in-law asked his girlfriend to marry him. In Venice, Italy.

Now, that's romantic. And pretty awesome.

Now let's recap. I invited my future wife to an off season resort that was almost deserted, it was too cold to enjoy the beautiful grounds, we had plastic cups for our wine and we spent about an hour or so shopping at Goodwill.

My wife? She is pretty awesome.

Just saying. Who else would put up with me?


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Very romantic! I think it's great.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine:
Paul’s proposal was nothing less than charming. Asking me to be his wife on bended knees that were so severely swollen they barely bent; we laughed and cried as he grabbed my waist and I helped him up off the floor, back onto his hospital bed. Humor was always a big part of our identity as a couple. Another bittersweet moment captured in my memory, to return to over and over again. Paul passed away a few months later, but not before we had our wedding in his hospital bed.
I think your's was probably a good reflection of you as a couple. You can always try for your storybook one on an anniversary, and do the whole re= marriage thing.