Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mike Haydon Makes me Remember

I would like to plug a writer who, though not prolific (and I wish he were because he has an excellent blog), is always fun to read. Fun because I find it so easy to comment on what he writes and it interests me, makes me consider, ponder, think.

Blogs are supposed to make us consider, ponder, think.

Mike Haydon does those things.

His latest post has to do with memory and stories and this, in an ironic way, prompted a memory of an article I read. I was able to find that article from the New York Times, written by Patricia Cohen back in July. It concerned the internet and the effects a study has found on memory retention. Not so surprising, memory retention is lost as we use search engines and the internet more. There is no imperative to store information that is so readily available.

Mike suggested that to facilitate the improvement of memory, that we should think of events and information as stories. It is true, we can recall stories and as Mike says, we are wired as a species to tell stories.

But that ability is being lost.

It is amazing that we live in a time when thousands of years of what has been so essential to who we are, is changing in what is almost an eye-blink. The digital age has us in a grip that reforms what it means to be human. Is that too dramatic? Perhaps, but perhaps we are now living in a unique time where we are both aware of the shift within ourselves and able to direct that shift- for good or ill.

So, I ask folks to head over to Mike Haydon's site, read, comment, and maybe he can be encouraged to write a few more posts. I certainly hope so.

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