Monday, October 31, 2011

My Project List: In Brief

My projects. I keep thinking about them as they build and multiply. Pretty soon I need to actually get one of them to a stage of completeness so I can publish.

A quick rundown of what I’m working on:
  • Family history book about the camp where my wife’s family gathers every summer and which plays such a central role in the lives successive generations. This is meant as a personal project that I would act as the editor more than writer and I hope to have it complete in the spring. All the proceeds are to go to research for Parkinson’s disease in honor of my wife’s grandmother who recently passed.
  • I’m working on the possibility of gathering and expanding my blog posts to the point where I can put them into book form. Not sure about this one which is very speculative at this point. Not sure if I have enough highlights in my blog so far to turn into book format.
  • I’ve been working on a non-fiction book called Yes Dear about home improvement projects. This one is going slow.
  • Then there is the main fiction book that I’m working on that tentatively calling The Hunt about four troubled teens who runaway from a group home in search of a bobcat. It’s more exciting than it sounds and this is the one I really hope turns out well.

Then there are the short stories. I have one that is a post- apocalyptic story that is really exciting- though it is threatening to become more than a short story despite my best intentions. I feel a little overwhelmed.

That is my quick review. More tomorrow.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

When you have so many voices and stories all vying for attention, it can seem overwhelming. I go through this myself. Every day.
Your themes are very interesting. Just remember, one sentence at a time. Wish we could write the book in an instant, but...

MT Nickerson said...

If I think it, it should exist... Just a wistful Monday.

It is sometimes a question of how much a writer needs to share with others and how much is simply for the enrichment or vanity of self. If that makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, Michael. I'm trying to get STATE OF GRACE ready for publishing by Thanksgiving, which means I also have to get my website relaunched.

Plus, I need to be writing the sequel, so I can get it up quickly, fill in with backlist short stories in between, and get signed up for Goodreads, IAN, and other such sites.

And I'd like to finish my memoir.

So, are the home improvement projects going as slowly as the book based on them? ;p

MT Nickerson said...

You trying to make me feel worse or better, John? Your list trumps mine by far. :)

And the DIY projects are kicking my ass. Cross one off the list and two get added. But such is life.

Are you close with State of Grace? Or are you going to have a few long nights?

Anonymous said...

STATE OF GRACE is close, Michael. I'm putting the last of my editor's changes in today. Then we're reading it again to make sure everything is nice and smooth.

If I can get the infrastructure knocked out, I hope to have it published by Thanksgiving. As you noted in today's blog, though, time is the enemy.

Thanks for asking about the book! And don't let doubt derail you. I love reading your stuff. Keep writing!


MT Nickerson said...

Thank you, John. And I hope everything goes smoothly with your book.

Doubt, like most things, is bad only if it is allowed to take control. Recognizing that it is present allows me to combat it as best I can.