Friday, October 14, 2011

Needing the 'Look' Only a Wife Can Give

My wife is out of town, attending the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT) conference in Massachusetts. She's a BCBA, runs the autism program at the KidsPeace New England campus (where I work, too- in the maintenance department), is wicked smart and does a real good job keeping me in line and on task.

She has been away now for the second night and for the second night, I have fended for myself, quickly devolving to near neolithic tendencies where fruits and vegetables are incidental and beer is the main source of liquid sustenance; pizza is a food group again and mac &cheese?

Yeah, I got that.

I watched the A-Team movie and Iron Man II. I laid on the couch and watched the double episode on Star Trek: Enterprise that dealt with the reason behind the discrepancy between how the Klingons looked on the original Star Trek as compared to later series. (That would be season 4, episodes 15 & 16, folks, because I know you all are wondering.)

Living the life.


I found myself singing loudly in the kitchen as I was doing dishes. And dancing. Both, the singing and dancing, I was doing badly. There is something sad and, well, just sad, I guess, about singing and dancing badly and imagining that I'm living large.

I need direction. Alone, I must admit, I'm hopeless.

I am definitely ready for my wife to return, to give me the 'look' that tells me when I am being ridiculous, when I am getting out of hand.

Being a bachelor is nice up until the point you realize that eating a pizza, a plate of nachos and three beers isn't a stroke of genius. It's just dumb.

I need the 'look'. And soon.


Kara said...

What an adorable post. You do your wife proud, lol! And, every man needs their TV fix now and again. :)

MT Nickerson said...

I have watched far less tv in the past year, but every once in awhile...

I gotta have some random explosions and campy dialogue. Sanity demands it!

Anonymous said...

Funny and engaging!

MT Nickerson said...

Thank you. Not sure if the wife will agree, but I suppose I'll find out, right?

Appreciate your comment and for stopping by.