Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Being Stupid And Having It Confirmed

You know the moment. You’re in the middle of a discussion, let’s say this discussion is about Egyptian history (you’ve seen all three Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser, so you’re an expert), and as you’re talking, you realize that one of the people standing there  is a full-fledged Egyptologist (who strangely enough, hasn’t seen the Mummy movies and has no idea who Brendan Fraser is).

So there are, talking out of your backside, and you suddenly feel like the dumbest person alive. (This feeling is very similar to times when you go to the bathroom in the late afternoon while at work and realize that you don’t have to unzip your pants because they have been unzipped since the last time you used the bathroom, roughly four hours previously.)

No one wants to feel stupid. No wants to be proven stupid in the bright lights of public scrutiny. AND- (most important perhaps),  no one wants to be the only Brendan Fraser fan in the room. That’s truly embarrassing.

(I thought Encino Man was a brilliant film that captured the social teenage angst in a clever, and amusing way. I especially enjoyed how Pauley Shore acted as a comedic foil as a means to juxtapose absurdity with- Huh? What’s that? You have a… PhD? From Harvard? Oh…)

I had that moment yesterday, folks. Here I was, blithely ignorant, when suddenly, the lights in the room were snapped on and I saw for the first time how huge that room was, the room I thought I knew in general at least, where the furniture was located. Turns out I was really in a mansion, not a New York walk-up apartment.

The writing world has rules and it has established best practices. I mean, people have figured out a whole hell of a lot before I showed up and there is more to this writing thing than simply finding a keyboard and smashing the letters.

I discovered the idea of an editorial calendar. I’m going to talk more about that tomorrow but for now, I just want to apologize for being so stupid. I never knew there was more to writing a blog than yellow sticky notes, old envelopes and last minute desperation to get a blog post done. I need to study and learn more, but hopefully tomorrow I can chronicle what I’ve found out and how to apply it to my blog.

I also want to finish my Pick Of the Week post. So either today or tomorrow, I will have my very first double post day. Very exciting.

Anyway… off to work. And the Brendan Fraser stuff? Yeah, well, I wasn’t serious about that. You know that, right? Though those wrist bands his character Rick wore in the first Mummy  movie was kind of cool and he had a cool hat and there were some bad-ass mummies and scarabs and…


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I love Brendan Fraser and all his movies so don't apologize to me! Laughing my way through this post.

MT Nickerson said...

Thanks, Julia.

I like Brendan Fraser, too, but there does seem to be a bit of a stigma attached to his name and many of his movies...

...unfairly, says I.