Wednesday, October 19, 2011

POW, It's John R Phythyon!

In what I anticipate to be a weekly feature, I have thought over who to write about for my second Pick of the Week, my so-called POW recipient. I decided to be swayed by flattery, retweets on twitter and, well, continued excellence in blogging.

My POW (not much of mystery is it, judging from the title, huh?) is John R. Pyhthyon. Cool name backed up by equally spot on writing.

John has consistently been a supporter- on twitter with his consistent retweets and mentions, and on my blog with his almost daily comments. A true writer friend who in a short time I look forward to reading and hearing from. He has a tendency to refine the essence of my posts to simple sentences, gleaning the point in a clearer way than which I presented.

Now, so far, this has been me, me, me.

I want to highlight John.

Yesterday he wrote about a novel he wrote and why he decided to shelve that novel. His reasons and the manner in which he explained his reasons, impressed me because for most writers, finishing a novel and not publishing it, would be unthinkable. John gave valid points as to why he did not publish that book and at the root?

Marketing and business.

I have harped on that theme for a few days now and it refreshing to see that writing and business are being applied in the real world. Sometimes business decisions have to trump the writing, even when the writing is good enough to be published. Sometimes, as was the case with John, timing is just wrong. He saw that his novel would better be served by sitting on the shelf unpublished while a more timely novel took it's place.

I would bet (not much as I am poor, poor, poor) that his decision will pan out, that he will benefit from being smart about his publishing. Publishing everything you write might be tempting, but is probably not wise. Don't wait for the perfect novel or you might never publish, but perhaps waiting for the right novel, as John decided, is the smartest move you can make.

Check John R Phythyon out, give him your time. He's worth the read.


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the kind comments and for the feature. I am truly honored.


MT Nickerson said...

You're most welcome John.