Thursday, October 13, 2011

POW, It's Karen Woodward!

I had grand plans. I had a Custom Random Number Generator. I had a list of followers.

I also had a thing called ‘reality’. Funny, I always tend to underestimate reality.

My plan was fairly simple; I would pick a twitter follower at random, read their blog, peruse their website, write about my results. Only, not all my followers have blogs or snazzy websites. Then there are those sites that are not in English (that prompted me to sketch out a nice blog post for later, by the way, but not for today, not for this purpose).

I admit, there was frustration.

Then it dawned on me; Idiot! Make it more simpler. Less gadgetry and more substance. Forget the cool, forget your lame-ass number generator, because you know the writers to feature. Use your head!

(My inner self always talks in italics and is prone to the use of exclamation points. I’ve gotten used to my inner self by now. Just saying.)

So, here I go.

Karen Woodward has a book, an urban fantasy novel, and in the book there are demons, there is magic, there is mayhem and humor and punchy dialogue and there is, and this I appreciate most, originality.

Every familiar subject can be original if you create a world that feels real, if you make clear the surroundings, set the scenes, flesh out characters with personalities. Karen does this in Until Death.

Now, I really enjoy Karen’s blog, one of the first I started visiting a few months ago. She has, if I can be vulgar for a moment, a veritable shit-ton of information and she updates all the time. I appreciate when a blogger is dependable, when I know that clicking on their site will be fruitful. It always benefits me to click on Karen’s blog.

Head on over, won’t you? I bought Karen’s book for a ridiculous $0.99. The value is far greater than that folks.

I will end with this, an expansion on yesterday’s post; the best way to support your own independent writing is to support the independent writing community. That means getting involved, giving advice, seeking advice, visiting author blogs/ websites, buying the work of your fellow independent writers.

I offer Karen Woodward as an excellent starting point.

(The title of this blog post? I figured if something is painfully awkward and so clearly uncool, that it must qualify for hip-status. So, POW stands for pick of the week and it has the benefit of being an iconic comic book action word. What do you all think?) 


Anonymous said...

I like it! Heading over to Karen's blog now.

MT Nickerson said...

You won't be disappointed, John.