Thursday, October 6, 2011

Results of Twitter Experiment: It Pays to Ask for Help

The results are in, from my post yesterday. I was trying to implement one of the tips I found in a copyblogger article; namely, I was trying to determine if (this is radical folks, so hold on), if asking folks to read my blog would get people to actually read my blog.

Interested in the results?

Sure you are. I know I was interested, and despite trepidation and discomfort, I gave the experiment an honest effort.

Now, I need to stress that this was in no way a scientific endeavor. Not in the least. There was a fluctuation in the number of followers on twitter for example and there is a difference in traffic due to where I commented today and in days past and- well, it isn't scientific as I said. There are variables I can't account for and frankly, I'm okay with that because I'm more interested in the general rather the absolute specifics.

And I've always been a lazy researcher. Whew ! Glad to get that admission out of the way. Hope you all don't think less of me now.

Without further ado, here we go:

I increased my daily page views (based on last months average daily page views) by 101%. In other words, by asking six times on twitter today for people to read my blog, I doubled my average page views and was only five short of my all time daily high. That daily high, that came after posting to facebook and was a personal story that had lots of interest for my facebook friends. Today, no posting to facebook and so that network was effectively shut out of the results.

I also received three RT's. Not many, I know, but I average less that one RT each day. (Please, don't laugh at me and my dreadful RT numbers).

Of the six posts, I only asked for RT's once and that was later in the evening and the result was... no RT's.

My unofficial and unscientific results? I think it can be said that it was a success. Ask and you shall receive.

So I've heard and from what I can tell after a single day, it might be accurate. Being nice is nice but asking for help and support is better than silently waiting for good things to happen.

Try it for yourself and see what it does for you. Let me know.


Anonymous said...

It got me here today!

MT Nickerson said...


Have a look around, kick the tires, make an offer.

Hope to see you again and maybe you can share your own tips on driving traffic.