Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Do You Need, Writer?

So my graph on blogger is totally effed. Not complaining but I saw like, a million percent increase in page views today and now, well, my graph is totally whack. All the other days seem so small and insignificant. I smile, though. I thank Joe Konrath. I thank Chuck Wendig. I move on.

I have a computer, an internet connection, a blog. I have another day to fill. Another word needs writing. Let's get to business, then, huh?

I am not a credible source of information. I have no published works and only half of a clue and half of that clue is suspect. So there is my disclaimer of the night. I pass along what I find and I hope some is helpful and the stuff I get screwed up, I ask forgiveness and point to the fact that I am staring at 100 blog posts that remains almost two weeks in the future.

I wrote a few posts ago about going back to college, getting a masters degree, taking more courses in creative writing. I wonder if I can get any better education than the one I find online? I always thought writing was beyond my skill and was just a hobby to amuse me in the quite moments of my life. There was a mystique about writing that I was not willing to penetrate. If that even makes sense.

Hemingway, Shakespeare, King. Not a chance for me. Honesty and not just over harsh self-criticism. I'll never be perfect. There are flaws that make me cringe as I read back what I wrote later. The desire for perfection has been the greatest single obstacle in my writing life. I hate being wrong, hate being embarrassed, hate being imperfect when I think that I should be more than what I can achieve.

Then I began to read online blogs; Joe Konrath's, Chuck Wendig's, Karen Woodward's (always a comfortable and informative place to land) and I began to learn. I began to recognize my biggest flaw.

I don't need perfection. I don't need to be a master at all that is writing, marketing, design, twitter and such.

What I need, what you need, is community. We need information. We need conflict, conversation, passion and anger and reconciliation. We need to write and support when we are at our lowest.

Indies need indies.

We have the information we need if we look hard enough.

I don't need school.

I need only a computer, an internet connection, a blog.

And a desire to write.

What do you need?


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I need the stories in my head - and the library that swirls around up there. Definitely can't work without that.
Glad your stats are looking good.

MT Nickerson said...

A one day bump and then back to normal.

And it is the internal that we need far more than the external. If the library and the stories aren't in your head, then what is the point?

The only point is getting those stories, the words, out so everyone can share.