Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Things Found Around The Web

I search the internet. Not like a fiend, like I have no friends, but I do like to Stumble around on occasion. When I do (this reminds me of the most interesting man commercials- please, do not believe what follows will in anyway qualify as most interesting anything. Sorry)

Anyway. Searching the internet. Finding stuff. Blah, blah, blah.

I found three interesting things this week (I know, slow week, right?).

One is concerned with writing, one almost is concerned with writing, and one is just cool in a geek kind of way. Here goes:

Five Reasons Why Book Marketing Campaigns Fail: Found this article on Best Damn Creative Writing blog and it is comprehensive, well-written and worth closer inspection (hint: I will probably revisit this one tomorrow in more detail).

The gist is that using social media is great, super fancy -fine and people should- if they know what they want,and if they know what they’re doing. A tall order really, when you consider the fact that if you’re like me (and many creative people) the business holds less appeal than the creation. If you want to promote, if you want to get into independent publishing, or even just help along your career when your publisher doesn’t have the resources to do so, then you must learn marketing.

Social media is the future. I believe that completely. So we have to learn to navigate or we’ll be crushed in the whitewater.

Top Ten Google Tips: So this has no value at all but it’s fun. You can make your search page rotae, make the results look askew, have the google search bar detach and fall to the bottom of the page. Like I said, no value, but hey, sometimes you just want to screw off, right? Right?

Or am I just a slacker and a geek?

Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity: This is sort of writing related as it touches on education and how we all became who we are today and that perhaps there was a better way all along. I am falling in love with the TED Talks. They are generally short and fascinating and cover so many topics that there is always something to watch.

This particular talk covers how creativity is subjugated to the bottom of the pile in the hierarchy of school subjects. Globally. Math, Science, languages are at the top, while art, music, dance are at the bottom. The speaker makes excellent points and one major point is that we are all different. I happen to agree with that. He also said that the education system is just a long application process for secondary education. I agree with that as well. I learned nothing of particular use as a student, and now, I find that I have to correct that problem just to stay employed.

Like I said, fascinating and it was funny, too. I’ve seen several TED Talks and they have all been engaging. Worth, viewing, folks.

So there are three picks, in no particular order. (As I write, I realize that maybe the Ken Robinson video requires further exploration. Not sure if making your search page tilt is worthy of a second look, though. Sorry about that.)

Good luck, happy searching and as Paul Harvey said, Good Day.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh god, I'm too tired to comment. I think school, I mean traveling, has killed my creativity.
Maybe tomorrow. If you think you're geeky...I came home with a suitcase full of Star Wars Christmas decorations - all original still in the boxes.

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