Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Almost Killed A Man

I write this post on time I almost didn’t have; I almost killed a man yesterday.

Almost, but not quite. No malice could be found in my heart, no question of intent, no unfeeling regard for human life. It would have been an accident, but today I would find myself in jail because it would have been my fault. It makes me appreciate things a bit more. So...

I would like to thank a few folks and give some shout outs. Wendy AKA Quillfeather, gave me a very kind mention on her blog. She hit the highlights of what I do and what I’m all about in clear and simple words. Thanks much, Wendy.

I would also like to point readers to Julia R Barrrett’s site and her November 6, 2011 post which features one of the best interviews I’ve read in a long time. Penny Watson interviews... Penny Watson. Hilarious.

Everything Missouri football and their recent conference change can be found over at John R Phythyon Jr’s site (John, it still takes me several minutes to decide if I’ve spelled your name correctly. P-H-Y, T-H-Y, O-N. Still trying to come up with a mnemonic device to help me out). I know very little about college football, so I can’t comment on John’s assertions, but they sound well reasoned. My UMaine Black Bear team doesn’t often travel in the same circles as the Missouri’s of the world.

And Derek Haines of The Vandal has some beautiful pictures of Autumn on his blog. Love Autumn and will be sad to see it go.

All this reminds me that I need to get out and about more on the interweb. I admit to isolating myself, drawing back, being less engaged recently. It’s a natural tendency I have being an introvert to draw within a safe cocoon. Only, I realize that my cocoon is larger than it once was, that the creature comforts are greater and being out and about (even in the cyber-sense), isn’t too bad. Lots of great folks out there.

It makes me happy not to be in the hoosegow this morning, to be free, to be writing.


Anonymous said...


Very sorry to read about your misfortune. Glad everything turned out alright.

Thanks for the shoutout. Wait 'til you read today's post about it being Steeler Week in Cincinnati. ;)

Hope you're doing alright. Drop me a line if you need some support.

MT Nickerson said...

Can't wait to read the post, John. I can't write about the Pats this year- their defense is so bad. The secondary, anyway...

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I am very glad you're not in the hoosegow. That would be nasty. I keep almost ending up there because tourists insist upon stepping in front of my moving car and/or driving their vehicles the wrong way on a one-way street as I'm heading to pick up my dog from puppy camp. Sheesh!

Thanks for the mention (of me) and mentioning Penny's interview. She is a hoot.
Okay, stay out of trouble.

MT Nickerson said...

Pedestrians/ tourists. A plague on them, I say, Julia. And the guy I almost hit was wearing all dark clothes at night and was in an area that was not safe. Of course there was a red light and... well, no one's perfect, right?

(It was a great interview.)

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

I'm very glad to hear, you, and the recipient of near death, are both okay. Frightening experience.

Hey, thanks for the shout-out Michael. Most kind :)

MT Nickerson said...

You are most welcome for the mention, Wendy.