Friday, November 25, 2011

Not Here, But Hope You Are, Readers

Like a ghost- not really here

I hope everyone will forgive me for my lack of engagement over the next couple of weeks. If I do not answer your comments, if I am absent from twitter, if it feels as if I am willfully neglectful, it is because of this; I am on vacation.  My honeymoon actually. For the next couple weeks, there will still be content, a few guest bloggers (my mother, bother-in-law, his fiancee and my nine year old niece), some regular features such as the POW, pick of the week, Sunday rants and lots of worry and angst.

Only, I will be largely absent, and I’m sorry about that even though, in truth, I am not. I will be enjoying myself in New Zealand on my honeymoon with my beautiful wife. The blog, you the readers, the interactions and the connections, are all important to me. However.

There are priorities. The next two weeks, my priority is my wife.

I hope you like the posts I have prepared (or had others prepare) and I hope you continue to comment. My brother-in-law is looking after things until I return.

Hopefully, when I return, I will have lots of stories to tell and, I hope, a renewed energy from my two week vacation.

Thank you all and see you live in a couple weeks!


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Criminy! Forget about us! Go, live, enjoy.

MT Nickerson said...

I'm a little obsessive- can't lie about that... :)