Sunday, November 13, 2011

Of My Dislike Of TrueTwit And More

There are those bits of your week, you know, that tickle and chafe and irritate but when inspected closely, they amount to nothing, so you ignore them. Sometimes those irritants, they fade away, forgotten. Sometimes they hang about and cause sores and infections on the mind and the little bits of nothing become consuming, out of proportion with the reality of the original irritant.

They nibble on you, folks, nibble until one of them makes an impression and then, once they get a foothold, some traction, they start to feed and it’s damn hard to get rid of those nibbly, irritating bastards.

It’s Sunday and I feel like excising a few demons. I feel like a mini rant.

Please excuse me while I wipe my slate clean:
  1. TrueTwit. I hate seeing it turn up in my direct messages on twitter and, as of late, I avoid my DM’s and I ignore every message that asks me to validate myself. Really? I understand that spammers and bots are annoying but what’s the solution? Oh yeah, more automation that tries damn hard to get others to sign up for a system that wants you to automate. Read tweets, read bios. It’s hard when you have lots of followers, but I find it more palatable than ‘validating my identity’. Not doing it anymore. I used to, like a faithful puppy. You know what I found, folks? Half of the time when I validated my identity, the people I was validating it for, still didn’t follow me.  No more.
  2. Speaking of twitter, the activity tab, what the hell? That thing popped up this week and I felt like I had passed some horrible mass out of my rear-quarters and I now needed desperately to GO FIND HELP! It’s a smelly abomination.
  3. The time change. My last rant didn’t excise that particular demon, yet.
  4. Me. I’ve been a disappointment to myself all week. Too much frittering and not enough doing. I’m going to start a campaign to protest myself. Action is needed, the only solution really, and I can’t sit around pretending someone else is going do things for me. So, Self, take heed as I fire a warning shot across your bow. (The next step is the silent treatment.)
  5. An unnamed blogger who said, ‘you can’t’ to the general population. Well guess what? I don’t accept your premise nor do I appreciate the pompous arrogance. Stick that in your pipe, sir, and smoke it.

Is that enough? Enough for today, I suppose. A five part rant this morning which is fine. I don’t want to exhaust myself unnecessarily, not today. I have a shed roof to put together.

See? My rant is already working; action, folks, action. Getting sh- -stuff done. Working it out. Now, if only it were warmer. The cold, it really irritates me and...


Patricia Lynne said...

Yeah, I don't get the activity tab either. No offense to all my twitter buddies, but I really don't care who you are following or what tweets you favored. Unless it's my tweet, then I feel special and I thank you.

Nice rant by the way, feel better now? Rants always make me feel better, along w/ a little pouting. Now, I should do something that involves action...

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh my god, your post made me laugh! When I looked at the new twitter tab thingy, all I could think was, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
I hate that thingy!
Oh, you're not alone in not following people who do not follow you back. I follow a few - people like Anthony Bourdain who I know will never ever follow me back, but I love him anyway. Otherwise, uh-uh. Waste of my time.
You are too hard on yourself, bud. I am the worst when it comes to giving into distractions.

MT Nickerson said...

Patricia, I always feel better after a rant (and a moderate amount of pouting).

MT Nickerson said...

I don't mind when people don't follow back- I just don't want someone to ask me to validate my humanness, to go to a website, type in the code and then they don't follow me. It bugs me.

As to being hard on myself, Julia, I guess I'm aware of the time I waste and it bothers me when I get to the end of the week and think, "What the hell did I do with my time?" And I know it's my own fault and no ones else.