Thursday, November 3, 2011

POW: It's Derek Haines!

What I like about Derek Haines  and his site The Vandal can be summed up in three easy to read bullet points:
  • He posts everyday
  • He has interesting, snappy, posts that don’t ramble (unlike mine)
  • He has a nice design on his site that is easy to navigate, clever and visually stimulating

Those are the three reasons Derek Haines is my Pick Of the Week. Ok. Thanks for dropping by, and come again tomorrow...

    Asleep at the wheel’re still here? Not satisfied? Feel cheated?


I suppose I could expound upon my three points, but... well... fine.

I’m a bit stickly, prickly, fratchety, out of sorts. I’m in a bad space. I have felt like jumping out of my skin for days now, wanting to go in six directions at once and, at the same time, remain in one place without any outside stimuli. I have felt contradictory inside my head without a clear plan.

Being on edge makes picking Derek Haines appropriate, I suppose, since he has always struck me as being on edge, or edgy, or both together. Derek has opinions that he shares and that is appreciated.

So. Despite my own edginess, here you go, you folks still reading:
  • Posting everyday

I like to read blogs that are updated daily, that engage readers, are committed to providing content on a regular schedule. Derek does this. Some blogs can post sporadically, or post infrequently, but the type of blog Derek does, as well as my own blog to a lesser degree, require daily content.
  • Interesting and snappy posts

Brevity is appreciated. Get in, get out, get stimulated, move on. Derek does this very well
by providing short posts that can be read quickly but are interesting enough to think about
after reading them. That is a talent Derek has in spades.
  • Design

A clever design. What else can I say? Some sites look unprofessional, are jumbled, hard
to navigate, poorly put together, are boring- just terrible and unfriendly places that a reader wants to get away from as quickly as possible. Not so on The Vandal.

There. Three points. All expounded, expanded, explained. Sorry to be terse, sorry to be cranky.

Go read Derek Haines; he does it all better than me.

For now... (I kid. See? My sense of humor is coming back. All hope is not lost, folks, not yet.)


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I've got to check out The Vandal. I get too wordy sometimes too, but I always find your posts interesting.
The thing is, most of us don't find out own stuff interesting - but that doesn't mean it isn't.

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

I've been following Derek Haines for a couple of years now. And yes, his blog is absolutely superb. In fact, it's one of my favourite. However, I very rarely comment as I don't have the time (on dial-up). Likewise, with your blog - or anyone else who posts regularly. Just saying ...

As a matter of interest, I read all blogs on 'Google Reader'. I'm able to read the ones I love without having to wait for them to load up.

Time is the essence when you're writing a novel :) Hence, if you're following my blog?? - I rarely post at all! I'm too busy writing :)

MT Nickerson said...

Derek is really good and so is Google Reader.

And commenting- I need to do that more often as I have no real excuse other feeling a bit self-conscious. There are blogs where the community is so tight-knit that new folks commenting are ignored, especially if they disagree with the post. But I need to post more.

As far as finding my stuff interesting, Julia, I admit that I'm hyper-critical. Guess that's the way I'm wired and I just have to deal.

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

You may just find, that if you 'follow' the people on your blog, you may get more attention :)

Blogging is an extraordinary vehicle.

MT Nickerson said...

Noted, Wendy, and done :) (An oversight that is hopefully forgivable and my only excuse is that I have no excuse.)

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...


Derek Haines said...

I'm flabbergasted Michael! What can I say? So many compliments, and all I can really do is say thank you and accept them while blushing.

It's interesting that you mentioned brevity though, as this was by design when I started the blog. The Internet is about instant gratification, so you have to catch people's attention within 3 seconds. The other good reason for short posts is that they don't take so long to write. Satisfies my laziness.

So thank you again for your exceedingly generous comments, and those of your commenters.

MT Nickerson said...

You are most welcome, Derek.

Laziness, when used thoughtfully, can be useful! I always knew it, even if my teachers all said different.

Really enjoy your blog and hope that my little support can send some new readers your way- you certainly deserve it and I'm sure your new readers will agree.

Written Words said...

I follow Derek's Vandal blog, too, and his Twitter feed. I have been impressed from the start-partly because I can't imagine how he manages to blog every day, tweet frequently and build a huge following, while writing great books.
But mostly, I've been impressed with Derek's writing style and his ability to put his opinion out there without softening it.

MT Nickerson said...

It's a fine line, isn't it Scott? Being provocative while not straying into disrespect is not easy and yet Derek seems to walk that line on a daily basis without a misstep.

Derek provides a fine example for the rest of us trying to do what he is doing.